Swansea Station – Dylan Thomas

Challenge Level: Leisurely
4.9 miles
Getting Here: You begin at Swansea station.
Accessibility: Fully accessible.
Facilities: Toilets in the train station and the Quadrant shopping centre. The Kardomah café situated on Portland Street has excellent homemade traditional food options.

Remember to stay aware when walking near the railway network. If using a level crossing, be careful and STOP, LOOK, LISTEN before crossing. For information about staying safe on level crossings, please visit Network Rail’s website by clicking here.

Wales Coast Path
Overview: This walk takes you through some of Swansea’s and Dylan Thomas’s history. You’ll get a chance to visit the city centre, the Uplands and Cwmdonkin Park. Here you’ll see where the famous poet was born. The return takes you down onto the Wales Coast Path.
Swansea Station – Dylan Thomas DIRECTIONS

1. As you exit Swansea station, take the road diagonally to your right which is Alexandra road. Follow this as it starts to bend left and be sure to continue along this road ignoring turns to your left. Eventually you’ll pass the Glyn Vivian Arts Centre. Follow this road before taking a left before the Police Station on Bellevue Way.

2. You will come to a large road crossing, go diagonally over the crossings to reach the pedestrianised area. This is Princess Way. You have started to reach the main shopping area of the City. Take the right turn a short way down to join Oxford Street.

3. Follow this street through the shopping area passing a large Marks & Spencer on your right. Take the next right onto Portland Street where a short way along you’ll find the Kardomah Café. At the top of the road bear left and then cross the Kingsway at the pedestrianised crossing to then take the next right onto Craddock Street.

4. At the top of this road head left on Walters Road. You will now be following this road for around 1 kilometre until you reach St James Crescent on your right. This is opposite Westbury Street. Walk around the Crescent keeping an eye out for Dylan Thomas trail markers. Re-join Walters Road at the far end. Take your second right onto Mirador Crescent.

5. You are now following signs for Dylan Thomas’s house. At the end of this road take the right onto Uplands Terrace and then right onto Richmond Terrace. This becomes Cwmdonkin Drive. Here there is a steep climb to reach No. 5 on your right which is where Dylan Thomas was born.

6. Continue to the top of the road and bear left. Shortly after bear left again to enter Cwmdonkin Park. Take the time here to explore the Park and more history about Thomas. Be sure to leave via Park Drive which is just down from the Bowling Green.

7. Walk to the end of Park Drive and then bear right to head downhill on Glanmor Road. You’ll reach a T junction, bear right on Sketty Road, and then cross the road to take Emald Place on your left. Follow this to the bottom and go left then right onto Gwydr Crescent. Follow this where it becomes Rhyddings Park Road. At the end of this road bear right and then left to walk behind St Helens Rugby and Cricket Ground. Follow this road to meet a main road across from the sea front.

8. Use the pedestrianised crossings and bear left alongside the sea front. You are now on the Wales Coast Path. Follow this as it hugs the beach front walking behind the Civic Centre buildings, passing the Marriot Hotel. Not long after take the steps down to your left between buildings. Cross the road ahead and bear left as you aim to walk around the waters edge to other side of the marina.

9. Follow the waterside passing the National Waterfront Museum. Bear left at the Dylan Thomas statue onto Gloucester Place, and then left at the end and then right to walk in front of Morgan’s Hotel. Bear left to use the crossing places to enter Wind Street with all its bars and restaurants.

10. Walk to the top of this road passing Swansea Castle and Castle gardens on your left. Continue ahead now as this road becomes High Street which leads you back to the train station.

Ramblers Cymru
This walk has been created in partnership with Ramblers Cymru
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