Pembroke Dock

Challenge Level: Moderate
3.9 miles
Getting Here: You begin at Pembroke Dock station.
Accessibility: Not fully suitable for wheelchairs or buggies.
Facilities: There are no public toilets on this route, but there are toilet options in the nearby Tesco at the start of the walk. There are plenty of food and drink options at the end of the walk in the town centre.

Remember to stay aware when walking near the railway network. If using a level crossing, be careful and STOP, LOOK, LISTEN before crossing. For information about staying safe on level crossings, please visit Network Rail’s website by clicking here.

Wales Coast Path
Overview: This walk gives you a great mix of the maritime and industrial history of Pembroke Dock, but also some beautiful coastal views and pockets of woodland to explore. There is one steep climb through woodland including some steps.
Pembroke Dock DIRECTIONS

1. As you leave the train be sure to exit via the main ticket office. From here head to your right to pick up a path directing you around to the bus depot. At the bus depot head to your right to take a path that leads you into the Tesco car park. Bear left here being careful to watch for cars, to pick up a path that leads out of Tesco and down behind houses to reach a road and roundabout.

2. Cross the road here and take the first exit off the roundabout to walk around the edge of the supermarket. Having passed the supermarket itself take the right turning onto Front Street – this is the oldest street in Pembroke Dock. Follow this street along to pass a gun tower and to reach the dockyard. Follow the road around alongside a wall where there are artistic bronze panels. Continue uphill alongside the wall and take the next right onto Meyrick Owen Way.

3. Follow this road passing the Heritage Centre on your right, and at the mini roundabout head left to walk between the stone buildings to reach a junction. Go right here to join Fort Road and follow this all the way to reach the coast and another gun tower.

4. At this point, if the tide is out far enough, you have the option to walk across the beach ahead of you passing the access to a road to eventually reach a wooden staircase – if this is possible you can now continue the description from point 6.

5. Having spent some time at the coast, and if you’re unable to cross the beach, take Martello road on your left heading uphill. At the top of this road head right and then left and follow this road to reach a T-junction. Go right here where you’ll see the golf course on your left. Follow the road around to the right, then left and right again as it heads downhill to reach the beach. Join the beach and head to your left to shortly find a wooden staircase.

6. Head up the staircase to join a path and go left at the signposted junction. Follow this path through beautiful woodland, but do not go as far as the building, be sure to take the signed path down to your left. Follow this path as it starts to climb – it is quite steep here – to eventually reach the road you walked earlier alongside the gold course.

7. Take the signed footpath on your right to enter the golf course and then descend down into the woodland on the left and off the fairway. Follow this path as it drops through the woodland and then rises again after a short time to arrive opposite the old barracks. Head to your left to walk by the entrance to the barracks and take the path on your left to head diagonally across the grassed area to reach a road.

8. Cross the road safely and take the road heading downhill to your right. Follow this road to cross straight over another road passing Albion Court as you go. When you reach the next junction head to your right to join Queen Street. Follow this road passing cafes and shops to eventually arrive back at the train station.

Ramblers Cymru
This walk has been created in partnership with Ramblers Cymru
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