Neath Town Centre & Gnoll Country Park

Challenge Level: Leisurely
3.3 miles
Getting Here: You start at Neath Train Station.
Accessibility: Fully accessible. There is one hill up to the country park.
Facilities: Public toilets in Neath Market and at Gnoll Country Park. Ten 21 on New Street in Neath Town Centre and Neath Market have an array of eating options.

Remember to stay aware when walking near the railway network. If using a level crossing, be careful and STOP, LOOK, LISTEN before crossing. For information about staying safe on level crossings, please visit Network Rail’s website by clicking here.

Overview: This walk into Neath highlights some history including the Market and Castle, and then heads up to the beautiful Gnoll Country Park. Allow more time to extend your walk to enjoy the grounds of the park before descending back into Town. Victoria Gardens is a great picnic stop too.
Neath Town Centre & Gnoll Country Park DIRECTIONS

1. If you arrive from either east or west be sure to exit the station via the main entrance where there is a café and shop. As you exit the station head to your left to reach a road and use the traffic lights crossing to enter Green Street which is the main shopping street in the town.

2. Head along Green Street passing the historic Market – this is great place for toilets and to explore the variety of shops and food options. Continue along passed the market until you reach a crossroads. Turn left here to walk along New Street. On your left you’ll find Ten 21 which is good place for food after your walk, or to just grab a coffee. Just after Ten 21 take the street to your right where you’ll pass Neath Town Hall and St Thomas’s Church on your right. A short way along this street head through the underpass to come out opposite Neath Castle.

3. Take some time here to look around the Castle and read about its history. Having finished looking around the Castle head back out but don’t take the underpass you came from, head up the road in front of you passing the St. Ives Inn. As you walk up this road don’t take the left turns on offer, but join the pedestrianised road and keep walking ahead to come to the Greyhound pub. Just after the pub take the alley way on your right to come out alongside the picturesque St David’s Church.

4. Bear left to walk along the front of the Church ignoring a left turn by the Cross Keys pub to the top of St David’s Street to meet Gnoll Park Road. Use one of the crossing points here and then bear right and then left to end up on Gnoll Avenue – this is a busy road section so please take your time to navigate it.

5. Once on Gnoll Avenue, walk up this road to head through the old gate house and then cross Beechwood Ave to walk up to the war memorial gates. Follow the path ahead to enter Gnoll Country Park. This path brings you onto a road, bear left to come to a small pond. Follow the road around to your left to start the climb up to the main area of the Park.

6. At the top of the hill is the main open area of the Country Park. You now have time to explore the rich history of the Gnoll Estate but also the beautiful woodland areas. Our walk takes you left and walks around the lake which has a good path circulating it. There is a children’s playground halfway around along with the café.

7. On completion of the loop of the lake you will be re-tracing your steps to head back to the train station. As you leave the park and walk down through the old gate house and cross Gnoll Park Road be sure to walk through Victoria Gardens which could be a great picnic stop. From here exit out onto the bus depot and take Queen Street to walk back down to the Market and the main shopping area.


Ramblers Cymru
This walk has been created in partnership with Ramblers Cymru
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