Milford Haven – Circular Walk

Challenge Level: Moderate
5.3 miles
Getting Here: You begin at Milford Haven station.
Accessibility: Not suitable for wheelchairs or buggies.
Facilities: There are toilets available at the Tesco close by. There are plenty of good food/drink options at the Marina on completion of the walk.

Remember to stay aware when walking near the railway network. If using a level crossing, be careful and STOP, LOOK, LISTEN before crossing. For information about staying safe on level crossings, please visit Network Rail’s website by clicking here.

Overview: This walk takes you on out of town circuit where you'll find historic ruins, small woodland areas and Deadman's Lake. Be sure to allow plenty of time after your walk to explore the local shops and cafes at the Marina.
Milford Haven – Circular Walk DIRECTIONS

1. As you leave the train head through the car park up the road towards a roundabout. Bear immediately to the right down towards the shops and cross the road to follow the service road on the left as it sweeps round behind the stores.

2. Follow the road along the back of Tesco. Towards the end of the buildings take the shared use path ahead through the metal ‘A Frame’. Follow this path through woodland with the water down to your right. After a short while the path leads out onto a lane. Turn right onto the lane into Lower Priory.

3. Follow the road around past the historic buildings and continue up under the railway bridge and round to the left, where you find a T junction. Turn left here crossing to the other side to walk along the road passing some industrial units and a cemetery until you reach Steynton Crossroads. Here there is a church to look round and a pub (Horse and Jockey) to visit. The route bears right at the traffic lights and immediately forks left into Castle Pill Road.

4. Follow this road as you leave the houses to head out between fields. Eventually the road rounds a tight right turn by more housing and shortly after keep an eye out for the signed footpath on your right. Follow this path through woodland as it descends into the valley to Deadman’s lake.

5. Walk around to your left to continue down through the woods. Eventually you’ll pass a small seating area on your left and the path will start to climb up and out of the valley. Follow this path with great views of the water below to your left. You’ll eventually reach a road.

6. Bear right here being careful as you walk along the road. Just up the road take the signed footpath on your left. Be careful as this path descends to the water’s edge. Bear right here to walk/climb along the shore to eventually head up stone steps and across to the tree line. (If the tide is in you have to ignore this path and continue up the road to take a sharp left down towards woodland.)

7. As you reach the woodland take the signed footpath going ahead up into the trees. There is a very brief, steep section on the way up before you descend behind the whaler’s cottages to Cellar Hill. Turn left and walk down towards the Pill, passing the whalers cottages on your left.

8. At the foot of the hill there is a Celtic Cross, bear right here on a path between two concrete posts. Follow this around the coastline as it descends to Beach Hill. Follow the path directly opposite walking behind houses. Emerging from the path turn left onto a road going downhill. The road curves round to the right, follow this as it leads you all the way to the marina.

9. Cross here to walk along the front of these buildings where there are cafes to eat/drink. Follow the path along the water to reach a T junction with a main road. Turn left and you are back at the roundabout and the start of the walk.


Ramblers Cymru
This walk has been created in partnership with Ramblers Cymru
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