Llansamlet Station Walk – Swansea Vale Nature Reserve

Challenge Level: Leisurely
4.7 miles | Shorter version available highlighted in Point 4 below.
Getting Here: You begin at Llansamlet station.
Accessibility: Fully Accessible.
Facilities: No public toilets. There are toilets in the Plough & Harrow pub on Church Road, which offers good food or makes for a nice coffee stop.

Remember to stay aware when walking near the railway network. If using a level crossing, be careful and STOP, LOOK, LISTEN before crossing. For information about staying safe on level crossings, please visit Network Rail’s website by clicking here.

Overview: As you explore this area, you’ll discover industrial historical buildings, hidden ponds throughout and an excellent wildlife hot spot in the Swansea Vale Nature Reserve.
Llansamlet Station Walk – Swansea Vale Nature Reserve DIRECTIONS

1. As you arrive at Llansamlet station, head up to the road above you and be sure to find the entrance to the car park by the Pharmacy as this is where our walk starts. With the car park and Pharmacy behind you head right along Frederick Place down to the traffic lights and cross straight over safely to take the road opposite – Gwernllwynchwyth Road.

2. Walking past the Sikh Temple follow this road over the railway bridge to meet another road. Cross this to take the path down to an unused road. At the end of this bear right to walk under a bridge. Shortly you’ll see Scott’s Pit on your left and then Parc Heol Las on your right. Take the time here to visit the park and learn about the industrial history.

3. The walk continues past these locations and then takes the next left onto Heol Las Close. Walk to the bottom of this road and round to the right to join a path by a fence. Follow this to walk alongside a road and then bear left under a bridge and then walk under another bridge to reach a roundabout.

4. At this point you can create a shortened version of the walk by taking the signed footpath on the left. This will take you across open grass land to reach a road on the far side. Bear left here and follow this road. At the second roundabout turn right up the hill and take the train station signed path on the right as this re-joins the road from earlier that will lead you to the traffic lights near the train station.

5. For the longer walk ignore the footpath sign and walk ahead on the road. At the next roundabout go straight over and cross to your right to enter the Swansea Vale Nature Reserve. As you drop down into the reserve take the right turn on the boardwalk, and after a short while go right again to bring you out and onto a road. Cross this road and just along take the signed cycle path which leads you down to a pond.

6. Follow the path as it bends left to meet a road. Cross this road to continue on the cycle path. After a short way bear right to continue on the signed number 43 route. Ignore a left turn to arrive at the bank of the river Tawe. Bear left here and near a bench and signpost head left to leave the river. This leads you down to another pond.

7. Go left here to meet a road. Head left and go straight across a roundabout, following the road to go across another roundabout. A short way along head right to once again enter the Swansea Vale Nature reserve. Walk straight along to eventually pass over a footbridge, go left and follow the boardwalk to reach the road.

8. At this point, if you head to your right for a short way you can reach the Plough & Harrow pub on Church Road. Our walk crosses the road and heads right at the roundabout. Follow this road through another roundabout to walk under another bridge and head right at the next roundabout. A short way up the hill head right at the train station sign. You are now retracing your steps to head back to the traffic lights near the train station.


Ramblers Cymru
This walk has been created in partnership with Ramblers Cymru
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