Llanelli Station – Llanelli to Burry Port

Challenge Level: Leisurely
5.1 miles | Short version available to loop back to Llanelli
Getting Here: You begin at Llanelli station. There is an option to reverse this walk and begin at Burry Port.
Accessibility: Fully accessible.
Facilities: Public toilets at both stations. St. Elli’s Bay for food and coffee, and The Pavilion Café has a children’s playground.

Remember to stay aware when walking near the railway network. If using a level crossing, be careful and STOP, LOOK, LISTEN before crossing. For information about staying safe on level crossings, please visit Network Rail’s website by clicking here.

Wales Coast Path
Overview: This walk links two stations and allows you to take in the Wales Coast Path, but also showcases the Ashpits Pond & Pwll Lagoon Nature Reserve, and wide expansive views of the Lougher estuary and the Gower Peninsula. St Elli’s Bay Café is a great place to eat before you head off.
Llanelli Station – Llanelli to Burry Port DIRECTIONS

1. Depending on the direction you are arriving from, be sure to use the main northern exit with the café and shop that exits onto Great Western Crescent. From here head to your left and then take the next left onto Glanmor Road to walk over the railway line.

2. As you walk you are now following the Heart of Wales Line Hiking Trail. Keep an eye out for the waymarks which have a viaduct and train on them. These will help lead you towards the coast. Just after the railway line take the second right to continue on Glanmor Road, following this to eventually bear right again to walk past Bethel Chapel. Just after the Chapel head right to walk along Marine Street.

3. Follow this street to reach a roundabout, head straight over this towards North Dock and a footbridge where you leave the Heart of Wales Line Hiking Trail. Follow this road to reach the sea front and St Elli’s Bay Café. This is a great place to eat before your walk, or to grab a coffee.

4. As you reach the sea front head to your right, you are now on the Wales Coast Path (WCP). You will be following the WCP signs all the way to Burry Port. As you now walk along the coast you will leave seaside flats behind to head up and over the railway line.

5. After approx. 2 kilometres on your right you will find The Pavilion Café and some playing fields. This is a great stop off point for food and there is also a children’s playground. As you leave the Pavilion and continue along the WCP you need to bear left onto a gravel track. At the end of this track you now have the option to create a shorter walk where you can loop back to Llanelli. For this loop bear right through Ashpits Pond & Pwll Lagoon Nature Reserve to re-join the path back near The Pavilion, or if continuing on the longer walk, we still recommend you take the time now to explore this area.

6. Having explored the Nature Reserve, you now continue along the WCP re-joining a tarmac surfaced path which takes you all the way to Burry Port. On your way there are paths to your left that can lead you to secluded beaches and as you get closer, you’ll arrive at the RNLI Station.

7. Follow the path around the RNLI Station as it hugs the water and crosses a footbridge. Turn right after this to leave the WCP and head away from the coast. At the top of this pathway there is a roundabout, and you can now see Pembrey & Burry Port Train Station.

Ramblers Cymru
This walk has been created in partnership with Ramblers Cymru
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