Clunderwen Station Walk – Village Circular

Challenge Level: Leisurely
3.4 miles
Getting Here: You begin at Clunderwen Station.
Accessibility: Not suitable for wheelchairs or buggies.
Facilities: There are no public toilets on this route. Near the station there is the Iron Duke pub with other options in the village.

Remember to stay aware when walking near the railway network. If using a level crossing, be careful and STOP, LOOK, LISTEN before crossing. For information about staying safe on level crossings, please visit Network Rail’s website by clicking here.

Overview: This walk takes you on circuit of the village which includes some stunning pockets of woodland and beautiful views of the Preseli Hills in the distance.
Clunderwen Station Walk – Village Circular DIRECTIONS

1. As you exit the train make sure you then head over to platform 1 and the main car park. From here head down into the car park passing the Iron Duke pub and just after Dukes Close on your right take the path between a fence and hedge leading to a gate. Pass through the gate and head left out across a field with farm buildings on your left. Pass into the next field and head up to your right to reach a gate in the top left corner.

2. From this gate head up the field and bear slightly to your left to find another gate. Into the next field keep to the right to find access onto a road. Cross straight over this road onto a track, and a short way along take the signed entrance on your left into the woodland. Follow the boardwalks and over footbridges to head out of the woods and into a field. Keep to the left here walk to the bottom of the field to find a gate into another copse of woodland.

3. Head right through the woods and over a footbridge to eventually leave the woods by a house. Head straight up onto the track away from the house. Follow this as it bends to the right and eventually passes another house on your left. Just after this take the signed footpath through a gate on your right into a field. Follow the path with fencing either side of you across the field and then as it wraps around the back of a barn and into a farmyard. Take a sharp left here onto a track and follow this away from the farm.

4. This track leads to a road, but just before the road head right but not into the farmyard, but through the livestock pen/corral. Go through 2 gates and then right into a field. Head diagonally left across this field through 2 more gates and then right passing trees onto a signed boardwalk. Follow this through trees into another field.

5. Head up this field and then join a hedge on your right continuing straight ahead to eventually reach a road. Go left here and then take the next road on your right. Follow this and go right at a crossroads continuing until you start to pass a house and large farm. Just near the farm take the signed bridleway on your right by the house named Gwynfa.

6. Follow this bridleway down a track and through some gates to arrive at a field. Head straight across the field onto a track. Go right here and follow this for some time as you pass houses and eventually meet the main road through Clunderwen. Go left here to arrive back at the train station.

Ramblers Cymru
This walk has been created in partnership with Ramblers Cymru
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