Briton Ferry – Jersey Park and Woodland Circular

Challenge Level: Moderate
4.9 miles
Getting Here: You begin at Briton Ferry station.
Accessibility: 1 Kissing Gate. Steeper terrain as you approach the forest.
Facilities: Public toilets opposite the Lodge Café on Ynysmaerdy Road, which is a great place to grab refreshments.

Remember to stay aware when walking near the railway network. If using a level crossing, be careful and STOP, LOOK, LISTEN before crossing. For information about staying safe on level crossings, please visit Network Rail’s website by clicking here.

Overview: This walk really showcases the hidden side of Briton Ferry. As soon as you leave the main road and enter Jersey Park, you feel surrounded by nature in the beautiful gardens and long forest trails. The Cefn Cwrt reservoir is the major highlight as it serves as a perfect picnic stop. The terrain through Jersey Park is perfect for a buggy, but as you enter the forest the track has a more off-road feel and is quite steep in places.
Briton Ferry – Jersey Park and Woodland Circular DIRECTIONS

1. As you leave the train travelling from either east or west, you need to head up to Ynysmaerdy road above the station. From here head to your right and take the next right onto Rockingham Terrace. Before you turn right, look to your left where you’ll see the Lodge Café – this is the perfect place to grab some food to takeaway, or to stop off on your return from the walk.

2. Once on Rockingham Terrace, take your 4th left onto Osterley Street. Head up this road to meet the main road through Briton Ferry. Across from you are the gates into Jersey Park. Use the crossing point nearby to cross the road safely and head into the park.

3. Take this tarmac path to head to Cefn Cwrt Reservoir. This is the perfect place for a picnic and well-deserved rest having climbed up into the woods.

4. Once in the park take the left pathway to walk through the stunning gardens to eventually reach a flight of stone steps. Bear right at the steps and follow this path to eventually leave the park onto a track.

5. Turn right here to enter the car park for Briton Ferry Forest. This is where the terrain of the walk changes and there is a climb into the woodland. You need to follow this track for just under a mile as it climbs into the woodland. Ignore signed paths to your right and left to eventually reach a tarmac path on your right. It’s just before a dip in the track near a stream.

6. Having spent some time at the reservoir you need to retrace your steps back to the main track. Turn right to continue along this main track to start the circuit back to Jersey Park. Ignore paths left and right until you reach what feels like the back of the hill with views over the M4 motorway and beyond.

7. At this point you need to turn right to continue along the edge of the hill following the track around to eventually reach the track you started out on.

8. As you reach this track turn left to head back down to the car park for the woods. As you enter Jersey Park again, head to your right to walk under a bridge to eventually find a children’s playground. This gives you another route through the park to reach the entrance you came through, and your way back to the train station.


Ramblers Cymru
This walk has been created in partnership with Ramblers Cymru
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