Minecraft Milford Station


We want to involve young people in thinking about the future of their local places, and conversations around Milford Haven Station have been a great opportunity to start! Inspired by a similar project in Cardiff, and working with Technocamps at Swansea University, we have formed a partnership with Milford Haven School to get the kids designing a new train station using Minecraft Education, which is a 3D modelling software freely available to all children in Wales.


The ICT teacher at the school was really enthusiastic to work with us on this, and has held three sessions so far, in collaboration with Technocamps, to get the children and their parents involved. The children have created models of what they would like to see. Now, as part of their literacy work, the children are working on presentations to "sell" their design ideas, and we are looking forward to seeing what they have come up with!

Next Steps

We are looking forward to the opportunity to share the children's designs with the community, potentially through a Zoom event. We would like to find somewhere in the community to display the children's ideas. as well as sharing them on social media. There will be a prize for the "winning" idea, and the resulting designs will be used to inform the longer term plans and proposals for the station which are being progressed by Pembrokeshire Council and Atkins.

Project Partners

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