Pembroke Dock Shared Vision Meeting

South West Wales Connected is hosting community vision meetings across the region, in towns and villages around railway stations, to give local people more of a voice about the challenges and opportunities as they see them. This was the first meeting held virtually in Pembroke Dock.

What’s Happening

As part of these shared vision meetings, we provide the opportunity for organisations to provide context behind ongoing and future developments across the railway stations and surrounding community.

Ceri Rees, Transport Strategy and Project Coordinator at Pembrokeshire County Council and George Lance, Senior Engineer at Atkins shared ongoing plans at Pembroke Dock railway station. In 2016, Welsh Government granted funding for a bus focal point area at the rear of the station, with provision for additional car parking spaces, bicycle parking and improved footpaths to the nearby retail park and onto Water Street. This funding has allowed engineering and architectural design company Atkins to be commissioned to explore options on improving access to the proposed bus focal point.

The curtilage of the bus focal point area includes an area of undeveloped land, adjacent to the retail park. Traffic from the retail park currently exits onto the A477 London Road, onward onto Waterloo Roundabout and towards the new signalised junction at Ferry Lane. Options are being explored to increase local bus access to the bus focal point area and encouragement of sustainable transport to relieve heavy traffic congestion in the area.

Welsh Government has granted additional funding to Pembrokeshire County Council for the 2021-22 financial year which will allow development of a full business case and produce a detailed design and technical report to support planning application. A further bid is planned to be submitted in January 2022, if successful the scheme is proposed to be delivered in 2022-23.

Mary-Anne Constantine from Ports, Past and Present shared exciting plans for a cultural heritage project joining up the past and present with the aim of connecting operating port towns on both sides of the Irish Sea. Ports, Past and Present have commissioned 12 local artists from 5 port towns to work with the community to create new ways of approaching build heritage using artistic mediums. Ideas include storytelling events and showcasing creative works by rail. There’s interest in contacting the owners of the station building to create a “mini-museum” of life in Pembrokeshire.

Tim James from Milford Haven Port Authority shared news on the Pembroke Dock Marine, a £60m Swansea Bay City Deal project. The Pembroke Dock Marine will establish a world-class centre for marine engineering, with the immediate focus on the low carbon energy sector. There is interest of approaching the town with a focus on sustainable regeneration, creation of a renewable hub and providing more job opportunities within the town.

What We Love

  • The station and rail travel is important to residents. A lot of people rely on public transport.
  • Ongoing developments.
  • Free of tourists – it’s an asset.
  • The people – down to earth
  • The community spirit
  • Families that have lived in the town for generations
  • The park (now with disabled facilities – a potential draw to visitors)
  • Rich in culture, music and folklore
  • History, industry and heritage, lovely places to visit
  • Golf course
  • Independent shops and amenities
  • Beautiful buildings on dockyard (Heritage that the town needs to preserve) 
  • Martello Tower, Maritime Centre and other heritage buildings.
  • Views of Neyland.
  • River Cleddau is the second best river for yacht cruising / great for boat trips
  • Pembroke Dock is a great hub for an experienced supply chain.
  • The library – a great space with numerous projects ongoing.

What We’d Love to See

  • Information board that presents areas of interest.
  • Interpretation boards at the station
  • Pointers to places of interest embedded into the pavers (pavement)
  • For the town to become a hub for clean, green energy.
  • Creation of new jobs and more skills training.
  • Local jobs for local people 
  • More community schemes and projects.
  • Community asset mapping.
  • Connectivity between organisations. Joined up working.
  • More engagement with the local community, especially young people.
  • Open discussions with other port towns. How have they addressed their barriers?
  • Community social events on certain evenings at the station’s public house.
  • Future visioning events with more community, residential voices.
  • Better consultation – level crossing closure raised several times
  • A community centre
  • A Festival in the town with food, entertainment etc 


Dawn, Zoe, Evie, Toni, Jennifer – 4theRegion, South West Wales Connected
Brian King – West Wales Maritime
George Lance – Atkins
Berry Daines – Local Artist
Beth Simes – META
Hugh Evans, Geraint Morgan, Arron-Bevan John – Transport for Wales
Sarah Harvey – PAVS
Emma – PACTO
Jonathan Evershed, Mary-Ann Constantine – Ports, Past & Present
Ceri Rees, Joshua Beynon – Pembrokeshire County Council
Amanda Boyce – Futureworks, Pembrokeshire County Council
Rhiannon Jayne-Raftery – Community Rail Network
Paul Ellsmore – MEECE
Tim James – Milford Haven Port Authority


We intend to hold further vision events surrounding Pembroke Dock. Are you a resident or do you know anyone in Pembroke Dock who may be interested in attending? Please get in touch with us, everyone is welcome to our events and everyone has a valuable contribution to make.

Please email and for more details.

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