South West Wales Connected


This meeting was organised by South West Wales Connected, the new community rail partnership hosted by 4theRegion & Transport for Wales. We invited the community to join us to co-create a shared vision for the future of the station and surrounding area. 


There has been lots of discussion around this particular station which is in need of some care and attention. Pembrokeshire County Council have announced funding through the WG Local Transport Fund for an upgrade of Milford Haven Train Station. Milford Haven Port Authority are investing in Milford Waterfront which is likely to bring increased footfall to the area. The Place Board is making positive steps towards linking the town centre and the waterfront.

Dan Mills | Placeboard

  • The Placeboard was formed out of a number of stakeholder engagement sessions, facilitated by the Port Haven and Waterfront. Comprising a cross section of businesses, voluntary organisations and groups from across the town. Focused on developing the brand of “Visit Milford Haven.” 
  • The Visit Milford Haven website will signpost people to different locations of interest in the town. Keen to see the train station developed as a key part of the town and for better connectivity to the rest of Pembrokeshire and beyond. 

Clare Stowell | Milford Haven Port Authority

  • Focus on regeneration of the port area with hopes it will spill into the town and beyond. We hope in the next few weeks, to be granted planning consent for a 100 bedroom hotel, former ice factory. 
  • A conference centre will be built upon the Quay Stores site, it is currently derelict and abandoned. First impression of the arrival to MH waterfront is important, and a new conference centre will improve the initial impressions of visitors to the town.
  • Quay Stores at the entrance to the waterfront will be a multi purpose venue. Entertainment, events.

Ceri Rees | Pembrokeshire County Council, Transport Strategy & Project Coordinator

  • Preliminary design in 2014 for a new station. 
  • Successful grant submission in January 2020, meaning the plans from 2014 will be revisited. Funds will be used to refresh and develop the process. Stipulation of funding that the WG Weltag process be followed. 
  • Looking at better multi modal integration, active travel and public transport connectivity. Approx. 4 years to deliver, funding is dependant at each stage.


  • A disconnect between the waterfront, town and station area.
  • Not the best first impression when you leave the station. 
  • An unpleasant walk through neglected areas. Lighting is quite poor and unsafe surrounding the station.
  • No fixed water for planters in the area.  
  • Better connections with the town needed – walking, cycling and buses.
  • We need a strong link point to renewable and rechargeable public transport. Green connections and the sense of place – good maps, signage and information from the station to nice outdoor locations. 
  • The first thing to see when you exit the station is Tesco and Costa. Something unique is needed to enhance that arrival experience.


  • Look at Quay Stores as a crossroads to connect the station and waterfront to the town. 
  • We should look at how the railway station can relate to freight. 
  • Clear focus on the short-term and long-term.
  • Proper station building, possibly multi-use.
  • Sense of ‘arrival’- somewhere we want to be
  • Improved disability access. 
  • Better links that are green and active to the waterfront. Destination management to make the area more attractive. Bee hotels, green roofs, insect hotels on signs, planters that support pollinators. Derelict buildings on station approach should be tidied or demolished.
  • Integrated hub with the town, Torch and Charles Street. Better security and safety. Present a warm welcome to MH and the wider reason. Ways of reducing traffic on the “through route”. Better links to the rest of the town. A water based lift? 
  • Improved facilities – toilet services.  Landscaping, active travel links with the town.
  • Interactive digital signage with touch screen technology (food, taxis), more signage with interactive elements,  improved links with town and the Waterfront.
  • Landscaping, signage and bike hire centre will be a great addition. 
  • Would it be possible to shorten the rail line and have the station closer to the town? Potential for linkage up the hill through the woods. 
  • Visit Milford Haven has expressed interest in expanding upon the volunteering ‘task force’ 
  •  Land Train with integrated ticket opinion raised. 
  • Milford Value Independence group – special needs clients in Milford values link with a future community garden area.
  • ‘Living Walls’ – History of the town, storytelling; Involvement of local schools.  Possible funding of an artist to work with the community.


Milford Haven Community Signage

Milford Haven Community Signage

Welcome Banners at Stations

Welcome Banners at Stations

Milford Haven Shipping Containers

Milford Haven Shipping Containers

Minecraft Milford Station

Minecraft Milford Station


  • 4theRegion
  • South West Wales Connected CRP
  • Transport for Wales
  • Milford Haven Port Authority
  • Milford Haven Placeboard
  • Swansea University
  • Pembrokeshire County Council
  • Milford Haven Residents


With all the interaction and energy there was simply too much to cover in a single meeting, so we will regroup again to discuss next steps for taking things forward. 

Please get in touch if you would like to be included as our Milford Haven projects emerge and move forward – everyone is welcome and everyone has a valuable contribution to make.  Please email and for more details.