Haverfordwest Train Station Shared Vision Meeting

This meeting was organised by South West Wales Connected, the new community rail partnership hosted by 4theRegion & Transport for Wales. Our role is then to support, facilitate and and help to take forward the ideas that emerge from these conversations, so that things start happening on the ground.

Haverfordwest Shared Vision Meeting

Event Overview

Taking place on the 8th October 2020, this Haverfordwest Shared Vision meeting was attended by key stakeholders and residents from the Haverfordwest community to co-create a vision for the town and its railway station.

Ideas included the potential for better accessibility to public transport and improved signposting from the station to the shops. Other suggestions included adapting disused space for community projects and ‘greening’ the area while creating niche activities connected with this. Throughout the meeting, key figures in the community shared planned developments for Haverfordwest:

Rachel Moxey | Head of Economic Development and Regeneration, Pembrokeshire County Council

  • The Riverside Library, Gallery and Information Centre has increased footfall in the town to 30,000 people.
  • Western Quayside Enhancement will include the redevelopment of the space into a food emporium at an estimated cost of £6.5m. Work is expected to begin in December.
  • Redevelopment of Haverfordwest Castle is also on the cards. Funding is in place for development work, and an outdoor arena in the castle space is envisioned.
  • Small grants to improve Castle Square on a practical level, by adding better lighting and electricity.

Wyndham Williams | Community Development Manager, Haverfordwest County Football Club

  • The club has run many community engagement projects in the town, supporting people with mental and physical health conditions.

Stella Hooper | Haverfordwest Town Council

  • Highlighted further plans to improve the town, including an exhibition focused on the town’s heritage.
  • Redevelopment of a former rubbish dump into a wildlife meadow.

Gitti Coats | Haverhub

  • Haverhub is a community centre and social enterprise focused on rekindling the town.
  • Currently growing its volunteer team, and is keen to establish a dialogue with other projects in the area.

Shared Visions

  • More youth involvement. 
  • Making the station feel safe. The road can feel frightening in the dark. 
  • Walkability and well-being walks. Start a well-being walk in line with the train arrival times.
  • Destination markets, connectivity. 
  • Promoting nightlife within Haverfordwest
  • A link along the South Wales corridor. The first point where people can find out what’s going on. Community activity board. There’s no information for what’s beyond. 
  • Charge points, bike/scooter. Tourist info. 
  • Digital screen promoting local initiative. 
  • Murals, artwork. 
  • Pedestrianisation. 
  • Station could link with local businesses and social enterprises to incorporate follow on activity bookings in to their ticket prices
  • Destination and route to the town – signs, screens, pedestrianisations
  • Destination: flowers, food wildlife, food production goodsheds, culture.
  • Innovation and identity, move from black energy fossil based oil, coal to blue and green from sun, water, wind and maybe hydrogen train as a feature.
  • Solar power charging points, electrical cars and bikes (ami vehicles), bike locks.
  • Must have phone and wifi reception or will go nowhere.

Actions Arising


  • Big site behind the station. Are there plans for facilities? 
  • Along the river is underutilised. 
  • HVW Ticket machine stops working from 3pm. 
  • Concerns for accessibility.
  • Focus on first impressions

Community Action

Welcome Banners at Stations

Welcome Banners at Stations


  • 4theRegion
  • South West Wales Connected CRP
  • Pembrokeshire County Council
  • Transport for Wales
  • Haverfordwest County AFC
  • Haverhub
  • Llangwm Cricket
  • National Park Engagement Officer
  • PAVS
  • Access2Funding
  • Span Arts
  • Community Rail Network
  • Rhwydwaith Resilience
  • Transition Bro Gauwn
  • Riverside Shopping
  • Haverfordwest Town Council
  • Cleddau Cafe, Haverfordwest Train Station
  • Haverfordwest Residents


With all the interaction and energy there was simply too much to cover in a single meeting, so we will regroup again to discuss next steps for taking things forward.

Please get in touch if you would like to be included as our Haverfordwest projects emerge and move forward – everyone is welcome and everyone has a valuable contribution to make.  Please email jennifer@southwestwales.co for more details.

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