Community Led Sustainable Tourism Project

Read below the Welsh version of South West Wales without a car:

South West Wales without a car – Welsh

The Community Led Sustainable Tourism Project aims to promote sustainable tourism in South West Wales by simplifying travel options, creating enticing sustainable tourism journeys, and empowering local communities. Through partnerships, collaborative efforts, and the production of a comprehensive guide, this project will make it easy and inviting for visitors to explore the region without relying on cars. By involving local organizations and businesses, we will create a sense of ownership among the communities, fostering sustainable development and enhancing the overall tourism experience.

Published in March 2024, we are now distributing this book with the support of GWR, TFW and tourism partners within the region.  Can you help us get this into people’s hands?

Explore South West Wales Without A Car! (working title!) will feature a suggested week-long itinerary for people to explore our fabulous region using public transport and active travel – and we would welcome your ongoing input to this if you would like your destination / community / area to be included in this itinerary.

Our goal is to also include a range of useful resources, such as:

  • Advice / information on taking bikes on trains
  • Family friendly walks from stations (where to find these on our website)
  • How-to guides for transport options
  • Who to call if you get stuck! “Rescue transport” options…

If you would like to receive a box of these sustainable tourism guidebooks showcasing our wonderful South West Wales, please use the form below!

Request Your Free Books

We are inviting content submissions from businesses, organisations and communities across South West Wales.  We would love your input into which destinations, hidden gems, activities and events to include in the “South West Wales Without A Car” booklet.  Please send us your ideas for content, articles and stories to include, and we will be in touch.

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