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Community Changemakers Fund

Do you have a great idea for a project to improve the well-being of your local community?

Do you have the drive but not the money to get your idea off the ground?

We would love to help you make change happen!


South West Wales Connected Community Rail Partnership has re-launched a community grant fund to support communities along the railway line to make change happen in their local places. 

 We are passionate about supporting local people to improve their communities in innovative ways – small interventions that help create pride of place and promote well-being in the community.  

Our Community Changemakers fund will directly support groups and organisations who want to drive positive local change, with a minimum of bureaucracy so you can get on with making change happen!

Local Changemaking Ideas could include…

  • Community green spaces or growing projects
  • Projects to support local businesses or “buying local”
  • Projects to clean up or improve local spaces
  • Projects to promote sustainability or climate action
  • Ideas to promote local active travel, walking and cycling
  • Creative & Cultural ideas
  • Film or Arts projects to tell local stories relating to history of railway 
  • Projects that celebrate a sense of place e.g. community hub
  • Projects involving young people, older people or other groups
  • Ideas to improve inclusion and accessibility

The deadline for applications is on December 23rd.

Your project will need to start and finish during 2022.

Assessments will take place between January and February. Applicants will be informed of a decision after the panel meeting.


How much funding is available?

Each organisation can apply for between £300 and £1,000.

Who is eligible?

South West Wales Connected Route Map

Any group of local residents, community organisation, charity, community interest company or micro-SME that is based within 10km/6miles of a train station in South West Wales counties can apply.  If the organisation is not based within the given radius but can show how the grant funding will support a community that is, then this is acceptable. 

Larger businesses and statutory bodies cannot apply and neither can national large charities. Religious organisations can apply as long as the funding is not used to promote a particular faith or belief system. Previous recipients of the fund can not re-apply unless they can show that this is a new project and they met the terms of the last funding supplied. 

Applicants do not have to be a constituted group with a bank account.  In these circumstances, South West Wales Connected can manage the funds on behalf of your group, or you can apply through a sponsoring organisation, as long as you can demonstrate that you have the ability to deliver the project in your own right.

COVID Response

There are various funding streams that have been made available recently in response to Coronavirus. If a project relates specifically to COVID response, please apply directly to those funds. For more information about these funding streams please talk to the relevant County Voluntary Councils (CVCs) in your county: 

How can the grant be used?

The grant criteria is intentionally non-specific so that a wide range of activities can be considered.  As long as your group can demonstrate a positive impact on the well-being of the local community, or an improved sense of place, then your application will be considered. 

The grant can be used to deliver community projects ranging from youth involvement, tackling mental health, art projects, enhancing green spaces, environmental action, support for the elderly, BAME, LGBTQA+ inclusion projects, disability support, local empowerment and placemaking. These are just a few examples. The grant is for project costs and start-up expenses, it cannot be used to pay staff, rent or maintenance.  Talk to us about your project so we can advise on which costs will be eligible.

How will the grant be assessed?

Since there is a finite amount of money, applications will be assessed by a panel using a scoring system after the deadline, and if there are more suitable applications than funding available then applications with the higher scores will be prioritised. There is also an aspiration to spread the fund fairly along the line so this will be part of the consideration. Unsuccessful applicants will be given feedback and may be supported in other ways if appropriate.  A properly costed application will increase the likelihood of success. 

The assessment panel will include members of the South West Wales Connected Steering Group and staff from Carmarthenshire Association of Voluntary Services.

For the best possible chance of success, please consider the following criteria:

  • Located within 10km / 6 miles of a train station within South West Wales;
  • Demonstrated how the project will improve community well-being or placemaking;
  • Included itemised costs for everything you need to carry out the project;
  • Have enclosed all the documents requested
  • Have answered all the questions as required
  • Have signed correctly and agree with all the declarations

Match Funding

Match funding is not a requirement of the grant and organisations will be able to combine the grant with other funding in order to deliver a project or achieve an outcome.  If this is the case then monitoring and impact needs to show this and only a proportion can be claimed (no double counting).

What sort of monitoring is needed?

If you are successful in getting a grant a few monitoring requirements will be requested.  For example, you will need to provide evidence of spend and be able to describe the impact of the grant including numbers of people impacted and any feedback you’ve received.  Photos will be welcomed as long as you have gained permission from any individuals in them. 


South West Wales Connected will want to publicise the positive impact of the fund so recipients will be asked for consent for the information provided to be utilised for local publicity, on the website and on social media. The partners listed at the bottom of the form may wish to do the same. If there are legitimate reasons not to publicise the use of the grant, it will be considered. 

Help to Apply

To apply for this grant, see the application form below and send to:

For general enquiries, please contact Community Rail Officer Ashley at: or Projects Officer Valeria at:

Please get in touch with us for help in applying, or contact your local Voluntary Services Association. 


This new fund is designed to support changemakers within local communities around railway stations.  The main criteria is that groups can demonstrate how the funding will improve community well-being and/or sense of place.  You will need to state what the money will be used for and what difference your project will make.

If you would prefer to apply in Welsh, please contact or

Please complete all of the provided documents below and send them to before the deadline at 5PM December 23rd


This fund has been made possible with the support of the following organisations: