Romantic Walks and Ideas for Valentine’s Day

A Valentine Story – Myfanwy and Hywel ap Einion Llygliw

This 14th-century Welsh tale of unrequited love is one that has hugely inspired generations of music and poetry. Myfanwy, the daughter of a lord was a beautiful incredibly vain young woman who attracted many suitors from near and far.

The poet Hywel ap Einion Llygliw saw Myfanwy and was mind blown by her beauty, he instantly fell in love and became desperate for her hand in marriage; he began writing sonnets praising her beauty and charm. Although she loved the attention and praise, she rejected this penniless poet for a richer, more distinguished suitor Goronwy Fychan ap Tudur and married him, instantly breaking the heart of Hywel who was so distraught he decided to write a song speaking of his loss and longing.

“Oh fairer thou, and colder too; Than new-fallen snow on Arran’s brow; Oh lovely flower of Trevor race; Let not a cruel heart disgrace; The beauties of thy heavenly face! Thou art my daily thought each night; Presents Myfanwy to my sight.”

Later, translated into verse by Thomas Pennant then the poet John Ceiriog Hughes composed a ballad for the Eisteddfod based on the old text of this woeful unrequited tale. He was praised by audiences all over Wales. Later that century, Joseph Parry set music to lyrics beautifully written by Richard Davies. This formed the very popular unmistakable love-anthem of Wales we know today as ‘Myfanwy‘.

Valentine’s Romantic Walks and Ideas

Are you wondering where to go with your loved one this valentine’s day? Do you want to visit somewhere memorable as a first date? Wales has some of the most beautiful memorable places to visit! Why not make this Valentine’s Day somewhere unique and special?

Aberavon Beach – Port Talbot

Aberavon Beach is the perfect romantic walk, also known as Aberavon Sands, it is a three-mile stretch of beautiful sandy beach on the north-eastern edge of Swansea Bay in Port Talbot, Wales. It is very popular with surfers due to the spectacular high breaker waves and clean open space. Perfect for sunset views or that dawn stroll, it has a local cinema for a cosy romantic movie night, or visit the popular cafe-lined promenade, wine and dine or just take in the view. Explore Aberavon Beach on the Dramatic Heart of Website here.

Mumbles – Swansea

Mumbles with its bustling community, bars and restaurants and history, take a walk to the Norman castle on a mound with flags fluttering from its towers, there are plenty of good shops, cafés and restaurants, pubs that are ‘locals’ like all pubs used to be, a truly magnificent landscape for that romantic walk, meal, or night out. Explore Mumbles via the Visit Swansea Bay website here.

Pembrey Park – Pembrey & Burry Port

About 10 minutes east of Burry Port, set in 500 acres of glorious parkland, is Pembrey Country Park and Beach. Take a bike ride and enjoy the views with a romantic picnic. South of the park is where you’ll find the dunes and beach of Cefn Sidan – Wales’ longest beach at 8 miles in length. Visit on a clear day and you’ll be rewarded with magnificent views that sweep around to the Gower Peninsula. It’s a favourite of swimmers and walkers alike. But low tide reveals a dark side to this stretch of coast, when the wrecks of a number of ancient ships become visible.

Kidwelly Castle – Kidwelly

Kidwelly Castle is a mighty and imposing monument overlooking the River Gwendraeth and the town of Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Steeped in romance and history it is also a beautiful example of castle development. The origin of this surname traces back centuries ago to when it was spelled Cygweli which means “swan.” Take a romantic walk and a look back in history at this beautiful castle and the tragic tale of Gwenllian princess of wales, visit the antique shop, walk along the river, or stop in the friendly local coffee shop.

The Blue Lagoon – Pembrokeshire

The beautiful blue-green waters of the Blue Lagoon at Abereiddy in Pembrokeshire are romantic, serene and full of wonder. A quarry closed in 1910. Spotting an opportunity, local fishermen blasted a small channel between the quarry and the sea, thus creating an artificial harbour in the old pit. Now, the Blue Lagoon at Abereiddy is of the deepest beauty of blue-green water. Take a romantic walk around the lagoon followed by some local lunch and sightseeing.

Love is in the air!

If you have ever visited or decide to visit these beautiful places, please feel free to share your love stories with us!!

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