Aug 20, 2020 | Adventure, Love

What are your favourite local walks? We want your input.

The South West Wales Connected Community Rail Partnership is asking local people to share their favourite walks in the region. It contains information on all the places you can visit by rail in the region, news on businesses and community initiatives in the region and ideas for outings and activities.

One area of focus is hyper-local walks: these are short walks that are close to home; they could be your favourite route to the park, a walk to get ice cream, a wander round the local park or a walk to a playground with the kids.

Locals across the region are being urged to submit their walks by emailing them to organiser Jennifer Barfoot at along with a few pictures and directions.

Jennifer explains:

“Our new website is all about inspiring people who live in the region covered by the South West Wales rail network, and we’re aware that during lockdown more people than ever have been enjoying local walks. We want to collect these on our website so that others can enjoy them too. All you need to do is send directions, photos and a bit about why you like the walk, and we’ll do the rest.”

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