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Ferryside Station – Ferryside & Llansaint Circular

Challenge Level: Leisurely
5.5 miles
Getting Here: You begin from Ferryside station.
Accessibility: Not suitable for wheelchairs or buggies.
Facilities: Public toilets situated near the train station. The White Lion is just outside of the station for refreshments.
Overview: This walk takes you along the Wales Coast Path for scenic views across the mouth of the river Towy and over to Llansteffan Castle. You’ll also explore rolling countryside and have a visit to Llansaint.
Ferryside Station – Ferryside & Llansaint Circular

1. As you arrive at Ferryside be sure to exit into the village with the car park in front of you and not on the waterside. From here bear right passing the public toilets and a bus stop to then bear left across the road onto the Wales Coast Path (WCP) running behind the houses.

2. You will meet a road and bear right. Follow this road ignoring lower turnings to eventually walk through a small patch of woodland to arrive at a road. You’re looking to continue following the WCP, so head right and then left. Shortly along this road look to head up the steps on your left. At the top you’ll reach a kissing gate. Bear right through this where you have now left the WCP. Follow this path across a footbridge and then hug the right side of a few fields to then be walking on a narrow path that gives you expansive views of the estuary and beyond.

3. After a little while you need to take a sharp left turn to head in land through a kissing gate. Hug the right of a field to enter a sunken lane and eventually meet a road. Walk straight ahead looking to your right to re-join the WCP through a kissing gate. Head up the field ahead and follow around to your right to reach a gate. Keeping an eye out for the WCP signs, head across the next field and to your right again. From here you need to follow the left side of the field which leads you to walk through a farmyard passing buildings and onto a road.

4. A short way down the road take the footpath on your right again following the WCP. Head down the field to head into a small woodland. Head through this wood to meet a road at the bottom. Head to your left and then right to continue on the WCP. Head up from the road to a kissing gate and head up the field ahead to reach a farmyard and beyond that a road. Bear left here to walk along the road. Ignore the junction on your left but shortly after take the path which leads you to All Saints Church and the Kings Arms – you have now left the WCP.

5. Having explored the Church or stopped for refreshments, head to the front of the Kings Arms and join Heol Llansaint. Bear right and take the footpath on your left just after a farm. Follow this path alongside a house and then straight past the farmyard to follow a track to reach a stile. Head straight across the field, and then in the next field head down to your right to the sewage works, the stile is on the left side of this. At the road, head right and then left to find a footpath.

6. Head through this small woodland up to a stile and into a field. Head diagonally left to meet a road. Bear right here and follow the road until it starts to descend and look for a footpath sign on your left. Go into the field and hug the right side to meet a stile. Follow the signs to the top left of the next field. Go through a gate and walk ahead down a narrow path which leads all the way down to a road.

7. Go right at the road walking past Plas Farm on the left. Just after this head left into the drive of Y Bwythyn House and follow this drive passing houses and through a yard to cross a stile. Bear left along the hedge line to meet another field. Head diagonally right here to meet the road – these fields sometimes have a crop of maize so keep to the edge if need be. Bear left on the road to be led back to the start of the walk.


Ramblers Cymru

This walk has been created in partnership with Ramblers Cymru.