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Cynghordy is a village in the rural community of Llanfair-ar-y-bryn in Carmarthenshire, Wales. It lies northeast of the town of Llandovery. The footfall at Cynghordy station in 2018-2019 was 1,046.

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A day out by train: Carmarthen

A day out by train: Carmarthen

There’s no better way to explore West Wales than by train. We took a trip to Carmarthen to round up some of the best attractions for a day out.

Tree Planting in Carmarthenshire

Tree Planting in Carmarthenshire

Plantations of introduced conifers (and occasionally non-native broadleaves like red oak) make up about 70% of the total area. Most of these woodlands have been planted since 1940. They cover large areas in the uplands, have replaced native woodlands along some valley...

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